Friday, 16 June 2017

What My Piercing Means

What My Piercing Means

It’s been six months since I pierced my left ear. A lot of things have changed then.

I remember when I first came home after I got this piercing, and my parents were so furious they insisted me to put it off. I was scary back then, felt like I did something terribly wrong. Not just my parents though, generally my family are againts it. Pushed back by the pressure I didn’t care. Gradually my parents, my family are getting ease with my piercing. Even my mother suggested me her own earrings to try on me (:

Growing up I used to believe that someone with piercing (especially men) was sick mentally or broken. They might aren't grateful enough for their own bodies and trying to manipulate their appearances. Someone with piercings or tattoos is usually associated with bad person or even dangerous. I can’t believe that the younger me were really close-minded like that. But not until last year my mind changed.

Today I see piercing or tattoos as one of the most artsy things human can possess upon their body. Piercing has different meanings from each person. Me personally think, piercing shows that the person is quite strong, outrageous, fearless. That even means they have overcome some of the hardest time in their lives.

My own piercing means a lot to me. It is a symbol and reminder for me that I am the only one who responsible of my way of life. Whenever I feel overwhelm by the constant fuzzy world, I can see my own reflection in mirror and spot my left ear. The bullet that has cut my ear means I can change the things that don’t align with my values. And nobody in this entire world could stop me but myself.
So, if somehow you meet someone with piercings or tattoos, please don’t be judgmental jerk. Go straight to them and ask them what do their tattoos or piercings mean. And be prepared for amazing stories behind them (:



  1. Mau juga nambah piercing satu di telinga kiri wkwk kendala gue takut

  2. Mau juga nambah piercing satu di telinga kiri wkwk kendala gue takut

  3. Iya sih, agak sakit wkwkwk but give it a try!