Sunday, 25 June 2017

Afternoon Getaway to an Unknown Waterfall

It was like another usual late-morning. I woke up late (9 a.m) which means I’d missed several beautiful things at morning. I missed my miracle morning rituals, breakfast, sunrise, morning’s breeze etcetera. But that day though, it seemed like the fate twisted in a unexpected turn. That afternoon, I had a fantastic getaway trip to somewhere I’ve never been before started by a calling from my cousin. And you know what, I think I didn’t miss anything this time (:

Selama aku hidup,  terhitung ada dua lokasi air terjun yang pernah ku kunjungi. Semuanya terjadi tahun 2015 lalu (lama banget euy). Dan hari Sabtu, 17 Juni kemarin adalah air terjun ke-3 yang ku jelajahi!
Sebenarnya ada banyak spot air terjun di Sulawesi Utara, namun karena I’m a homekeeper a.k.a orang rumahan, jadi bisa berkunjung ke tiga tempat berbeda sudah sangat bersyukur.

Kalasey – Tomohon

It was about 12 p.m after I got invited to go with my cousin (and friends) that I hadn’t even prepared to do anything but packing.  I brought my drink bottle (as always), journal ‘cause I had planned to take some treasures there, my handphone to take photos of course. All of these were carried off by my lovely backpack, Sirius Black (yep, it has a name).

I took the backseat with my cousin on the motorcycle, she drove that because I wasn’t confident enough to driving that far hehehe. The journey was like forever though, approximately 2-3 hours we spent on the road. We took the shortcut way in attempt to avoid the sweeping. Anyway, my cousin herself, has already been at this waterfall before, she had visited with her friends. She’s extraordinary loves exploring new places and that day she’s kindly brought us to there.

We arrived at the rice field which local people have. Our motorbike was parked at one of those farmers house, that’s because the road was limited to that farmers house, and beyond was rice field that cannot be trailed by vehicle. 

It was half past three then we continued walking down into the forest. Just like other waterfalls I had visited before, the path along to this one also very ‘wild’ and natural. There were a lot of ups and downs (just like Life), mud everywhere, covered by the tall trees. We even had to crawling on the ground to keep on track.

But our hard work was really paid off! After several minutes walking and crawling we hit the finished line which was the tall water falling from the above cliff.  The waterfall is so high you have to tilt your head up. The moment when I saw the water falling from that rock far above us I felt so exciting and got goosebump!

I asked my cousin about this waterfall but she also doesn’t know what its name. All that I know that we had gone to somewhere named Kayuuwi village, but don’t know what to call the waterfall. It’s anonymous waterfall. However, with its amazing view and whole scenery there, I think this location is so underrated. FYI, it was holiday (like long holiday) but there were so deserted, just us. No other human beings.

Anyway, not to wasting our time and energy that had been paid, we took tons of photos for this amazing and wild place.

The water was so cold but fresh.

At five p.m we went back to the town still my cousin who was driving. I can felt the cramp on my butt at that very moment. It was a long ride but the sunset had begun and the sky was changing color to neon orange which made the road trip even soothing at the end. I’m so glad I took this chance though.

We arrived at home at seven o’clock and I had so many things to write on my journal that day. These are my collection of leafs that I took from the ground at that unknown location.

That very sudden trip was so wonderful I had so much fun with my friends to remember and things I learned. So grateful and want to someday get another chance to travel (like more travel!).

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