Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Flash Fiction: Magical Day

Magical Day

He was pedaling his bicycle so hard that his knees were shaking heavily on every push.

“Damn it! I shouldn’t have come this way.” Thomas murmured.


Thomas was a tough young man with an athletic body. You couldn’t be any doubt with his power. But that day, he seemed so exhausted way more than anything because he got two uninvited guests.


Sitting so stiff on the backside of his bicycle were couples of creature that examined nothing more than gnomes. The shorter one, which seems like a female, was panting and gasping uncontrollably on her place. While the other one, which seems had that stone-looked face (which probably the male) was kept swapping Thomas’s back with no softness at all.

Thomas, on the other hand, was showering with sweats all over his face, trying to keep the balance of his bike. On the front basket of his bicycle, filled with bunch of carrots he supposed to deliver to his mother that time.


It was past midday, the sun was going to west, when they stopped on a halt. It was the gnomes that insisted actually to stop, by hitting madly on Thomas’s back.

Thomas was so relieved to be able to put off his feet on the ground. They parked near the thick forest that stood on the right side of them. There was a small path in which lead into the dark forest. 

Not even gotten out his bike, Thomas felt those creatures behind him were moving.


Next moment, the couple jumped off to the ground and hurried their feet on the small path into the forest. 

Thomas confused. Sweats kept coming out of his skin. He managed to get out his bicycle and stood on the curb. 
“That’s good.” He uttered “Just go away!” and yelled.

His knees were trembling this time, which also seemed to lose its coordinates and ability to hold his own body. Fatigued, he eventually collapsed into the ground. He couldn’t use those feet again to back into the village. All that he wanted was to lay and just sleep.



Thomas heard paces coming rushed into his place. He opened his eyes and began to sit. The couples initially were pacing back to him with, now, yellowed grind hanging on their face. 

The female gnome was carrying a jar which contains what looked like sands. Thomas was eyeing on them, rather scared.

A handful of yellow sparkling sands were thrown upon the whole body of Thomas’s bicycle by the female gnome. 

What next happened was really bizarre, Thomas himself couldn’t believe what he witnessed. After seconds nothing seems to be happened, but then suddenly the bicycle began to taking off as slow but gradually away from the ground beneath it. It was levitating as if it has had invisible wings! Thomas gasped.

The gnomes without any further weird explanations, running back deep into the thick forest where they belong.

Thomas stood there for a second, trying to accept the reality that was happening in front of him, then realized that his bicycle were floating in the air, quickly grabbed its steer.
“Am I dreaming?” he spoke, slightly smiling.

This is my fourth flash fiction (under 1000 words) that I have finally finished. I am so glad that, with so many obstacles, this story can be wrapped off and shared with you guys. I personally love this story.

I got inspirations from someone’s post on Pinterest. It was actually a writing challenge, with so many prompts. But I chose to brainstorm an idea from prompt which stated: a story that begins and ends with bicycle.

This story however, doesn’t align and fit perfectly with that prompt, that’s because I wanted it to be different. If you want to try on the writing challenge, visit this Eadeverrel.com and find those prompts to work on. 

Actually it’s better to do it with your friends, but if you’re someone like me, who seems so introverted and don’t have many ‘friends’, then you can do it by yourself.

I really want to know your thoughts about this story though in the comment section below.
Hope you’re having a nice day! Thanks for reading.

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