Monday, 3 April 2017

My Hello with Harry Potter

It begun when I forced myself to just read a little part of the book and right after that, I can’t stop but reading and thinking about all the wizarding-world.

A sweet friend of mine actually encouraged me to read this novel, though I had already insisted to read this hella super-rated book. But after I found that she also interested in Harry Potter, and was already begun reading the book I even became more convinced to start. 

Actually, I’ve watched the movies of Harry-Potter-Series, but not all, some are traced significantly in my memory. Some are just gone. Harry Potter was part of my childhood though, when I was in elementary school I exposed to the films of Harry Potter. The character of bespectacled kid with his wand made up my childhood with fantasies. But as long as I concern about Harry Potter, I hardly can remember the story (probably because it’s been years ago). And it turned out to be a major factor why I want to read the book in the first place.

The last film I watched was Deathly Hallows. And I kinda lost about the character's role and motives played on that film; I have no idea how did they come up like that, what’s their background etc. I suspected that everyone too knows Harry Potter. I mean, with all the major success from the books and movies?  

On March 2nd, due to the lack of money (already broke) and the increasing of curiosity, I finally got two copies (book 1 and book 2) of J.K Rowling’s books on Pdf’s format. I began to read Sorcerer’s Stone.  I read it for about 17 days long, and have left me with fascinating feeling! The book for me, at first, seems so intimidating (it has 250 pages) though every moment I started to gain my interest on the story and quite sure that it brought me far away from the reality.. Not to mention the screams, the laughs, frowned, I had while reading this insane book. It’s a like a journey itself that made me wondering how on earth did Harry’s life could be so interesting?

After finished the first book, next day I immediately started the second book; Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret. As my expectation to this series grower, It didn’t fail to catch me mesmerized and drown into the story. The courageous, curious and rebellious traits of Harry make me eager to find out what will be happened next, story after story. Clever strategic-plans, amusing personality and intelligence that Hermione possess, also make this series even demanding. Ron’s innocent, loyal, sometimes witty, packed with all the villain’s roles make everything fall into places. Every book serves the sort of mystery that has to be solved by Harry and squad, pulls every reader (I assume) to even fall deeper into the world of Witches and Wizards.  

Not only the characters itself, but the way J.K Rowling describes the world and all the magnificent tools that only exist on that world makes my wildest imagination fly-free. I never thought that being a Wizard could be so interesting and cool. J.K Rowling’s spots the positive way (normal way) of witches and wizards lifestyle.  And also it may be because the setting of this story, which around the school’s life that makes the reader from all around ages could possibly relating-on.

Now I’m reading the third book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, with much more knowledge of the character’s background and the general life of wizards in there. I am looking forward to read more of J.K Rowling’s books and I hope there will be some lessons I can have from this masterpiece.

I’m a new comer (newbie) on this case, can’t tell yeh whether I am a Potter Head or not. But I confidence to say that I really enjoy to read these books and gonna continue this journey with hundreds or thousands of people that had already in the journey. Also, it’s nice to have such a friend who considered themselves as fan of Harry Potter, ‘cause yeh know, You could bumping up in class to each other and just talk about Harry Potter. Thanks to Winda..
Well, that’s my Hello with Harry Potter, I really want know how yours?


  1. udah baca sampe buku terakhir ya Nis? re-read aja ugh

  2. Udeh. Pengen baca lagi but i don't have much time huhu

    1. yep. like takes forever. eh btw, ngak ninggalin alamat apa kek gitu disini? pengen baca blog muu :"

    2. Has nothing on it btw. I just get started with blogger. Tumblr is still my main blog but.... zzz seems like i'm getting bored with it hahahaha.

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