Sunday, 7 May 2017

Flash Fiction Timeline

Crazy Riding

“You’ve got to steady your steering!” barked the bigger boy as he took another turn. The moon was shining through the silvery clouds, which covering the gleaming town below.

“What am I supposed to do?” cried the smaller boy in his uncomfortable riding.

The clouds were getting thicker and solid, blocking the moon lights as they’re moving to South. They never been this far before, and with the world getting darker, they could easily hit by something dangerous or losing any direction.

“Turn your lights on!” The bigger boy bellowed but his voice was hardly audible as the line of gold light flashing into the dark night. But the smaller boy worked as though having some difficult math formulas to be solved in front of him; He didn’t see the button.

A moment later, the bigger boy came hurtling closer to him and said in a trembling voice –

“Right under your grip!” the wind was rushing on his face “you’re risking yourself not knowing how to operate a broomstick!

Already Done

They sat intertwined, breeze of September’s morning crept in. Their eyes were looking to the line, the line where the clouds meet the ocean.

I sat down on sands, waiting for time to pass by. And yet, as I crossed the beach back to the path I only recognized so well for the last time, I saw once more to the place I knew nothing better but a memory dump. Place which the Romans would write in their poetry; two guys that were sitting on the shore, had vanished.

I drew my breath back into reality, and for the hundreds times this week I said wistfully to myself –
“We’re done..”

Flash Fiction pertama yang berhasil terjaring dalam otak dan dikeluarkan.. Agak absurd sih sebenarnya karena waktu itu aku buatnya cuma beberapa jam dan brainstorm langsung bikin dua cerita ini. Sebenarnya apa itu Flash Fiction dan metode pembuatannya masih blur di kepala ku, tapi dari beberapa hasil bacaan sih, kurang lebih begitulah Flash Fiction ditulis. 

Masih ingin buat lebih banyak lagi sih, cuma belum tau kapan mulai lagi. Rasanya harus ikut writing challenge, tapi masih banyak tugas kuliah. jeezz, Well, I'll leave it here and bye.


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