Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Architecture Drawing #1

Once I saw an artist post on Pinterest that show a sketch of building. Then I became interested to try making one.

I downloaded some video on Youtube which really help me to be a bit confident drawing buildings. Actually I’ve always wanted to draw this kind of art but I wasn’t feel ready (are we ever ready though?)

Architecture is always fascinating type of drawing for me. It shows the structure of a building, patterns, shape etc. I enjoy seeing this art. For me, someone who can draw buildings with a sense of art, is special (doesn’t mean anybody else isn’t special though). But yeah, I love architect. Someday, I hope to go to some beautiful city in any part of the globe with rich architecture styles, and histories behind them.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Afternoon Getaway to an Unknown Waterfall

It was like another usual late-morning. I woke up late (9 a.m) which means I’d missed several beautiful things at morning. I missed my miracle morning rituals, breakfast, sunrise, morning’s breeze etcetera. But that day though, it seemed like the fate twisted in a unexpected turn. That afternoon, I had a fantastic getaway trip to somewhere I’ve never been before started by a calling from my cousin. And you know what, I think I didn’t miss anything this time (:

Sunday, 18 June 2017

To Be Well-Developed INTJ? (Quora Answer)

I am an INTJ according to MBTI test. I took several tests on internet and always get this INTJ as result. After that I became obsessed with this MBTI thing.

When I read those traits and characteristics of other types, I can’t relate on. But when I read this INTJ, it was like “Oh my gosh, this is so f*cking me.”

I became obsessed to any article that come across at quora or any online forum talked about my personality. It’s sometimes creepy that your personality can be learned by others and vice versa.

Friday, 16 June 2017

What My Piercing Means

What My Piercing Means

It’s been six months since I pierced my left ear. A lot of things have changed then.

I remember when I first came home after I got this piercing, and my parents were so furious they insisted me to put it off. I was scary back then, felt like I did something terribly wrong. Not just my parents though, generally my family are againts it. Pushed back by the pressure I didn’t care. Gradually my parents, my family are getting ease with my piercing. Even my mother suggested me her own earrings to try on me (:

Growing up I used to believe that someone with piercing (especially men) was sick mentally or broken. They might aren't grateful enough for their own bodies and trying to manipulate their appearances. Someone with piercings or tattoos is usually associated with bad person or even dangerous. I can’t believe that the younger me were really close-minded like that. But not until last year my mind changed.

Today I see piercing or tattoos as one of the most artsy things human can possess upon their body. Piercing has different meanings from each person. Me personally think, piercing shows that the person is quite strong, outrageous, fearless. That even means they have overcome some of the hardest time in their lives.

My own piercing means a lot to me. It is a symbol and reminder for me that I am the only one who responsible of my way of life. Whenever I feel overwhelm by the constant fuzzy world, I can see my own reflection in mirror and spot my left ear. The bullet that has cut my ear means I can change the things that don’t align with my values. And nobody in this entire world could stop me but myself.
So, if somehow you meet someone with piercings or tattoos, please don’t be judgmental jerk. Go straight to them and ask them what do their tattoos or piercings mean. And be prepared for amazing stories behind them (:


Monday, 12 June 2017

Take Pictures

Prompt: Camera

Take Pictures

Both of them were standing at the outside terrace of the bungalow. What stretched in front of them was nothing but vast blue-magenta ocean under the cloudy sky.

“you just have to press this button.” Said the man
“okay” replied Lucy as she gestured her hand onto the camera.


“is that work?” she said while the man was looking strangely at her.
“yeah, but make sure to hold it firm, otherwise the picture will be blur.”
“okay.” Said  Lucy.  


“how is it?”
She put off the camera she was holding, out of the angle. Somehow the pictures were taken precisely beautiful under her finger. 

“Nice.” The man gave a broad smile as he took the camera. “Why do you do this?”
There was a silence moment between the two. The man put back the camera on her hand carefully.

“I love the sound of it, when you press the shutter.” Lucy said at last. She grabbed the camera and started to take another picture.


“You’re always weird” He said breathlessly.
“I know right,” she took down the camera for a moment and looking aimlessly to the source of  the man’s voice had been. “I want to see this picture I took, when my sight is back again.”

Well, this idea came across my mind while sitting on my desk, trying to think of something. I spotted the camera in front of me and thought “what would happen if someone blind takes this?”
I know it’s not that crafty but at least for myself I'm really proud hehe.
Next time I’ll post more of this kind of style. I enjoy it.

Give me your thoughts at the comment section below J