Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Architecture Drawing #1

Once I saw an artist post on Pinterest that show a sketch of building. Then I became interested to try making one.

I downloaded some video on Youtube which really help me to be a bit confident drawing buildings. Actually I’ve always wanted to draw this kind of art but I wasn’t feel ready (are we ever ready though?)

Architecture is always fascinating type of drawing for me. It shows the structure of a building, patterns, shape etc. I enjoy seeing this art. For me, someone who can draw buildings with a sense of art, is special (doesn’t mean anybody else isn’t special though). But yeah, I love architect. Someday, I hope to go to some beautiful city in any part of the globe with rich architecture styles, and histories behind them.

So, below are my drawings that I tried to make it as coherent as possible hehehe.
Some artist suggested to drawing just as simple shape as possible and gradually as you become more confident, you can upgrade your drawing. I did this advice because I never drew a proper building before, beside a house on elementary school. My drawing aren’t perfect (like everything else), nor is it artsy. But it’s enjoyable to be honest.

I didn’t really focus on how straight the lines are, or how clear some parts are as long as it makes sense, I’d add more details at the end. I used preference for my drawing of course, because I haven’t tried to draw from real observation.

For material, I just used pencil, eraser, and ink pen that's all (:

I got a picture from Pinterest and drew this:

And then, I watched a video on Youtube from an artist with channel SemiSkimmedMin. She gave me an idea to capture picture of buildings from around the world using Google Earth. I took the advice and  wowww it’s fun! But the side effect maybe is I could spend lots of time seeing nice beautiful cities and its buildings, I just can’t stop. So be prepared hehehe.

I drew these after wandering around the world searching for buildings.

I think that’s all I want to share with you guys, hope to get more chance to learning new types of art and new styles. Thanks for reading.


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