Sunday, 13 November 2016

Bright in My Art 2

Hey guys,
Wow, I’ve been busy lately, I can tell it’s a double busy, because now I’m also working as a part-time content writer. Even though just part time or freelance but it’s quite consuming my time when I’m in working mode, you know, you can’t just write purely by your mind, because you need to do some research in which subject or topics that you  don't really get.

But back to topic, B.I.M.A 2 is actually the project I have been doing for about couple of months I guess, I started to make this as a habit, which is very enjoyable and fun. So what it is all about?

Bright in My Art is project that I established to keep doing things that I love, particularly in Arts. Bright in My Art has the purpose to make me feel good, relax, yet productive in making some arts and to fulfill my personal happiness.

This post title written as part 2 because I’ve already posted Bright in My Art Part 1 to read the first part of Bright In My art, click here

What kind of arts am I doing?

So, Arts is a huge and complex world, so to speak. In this project, I usually draw an object, figure, typography, that  kind of stuff, which inspired by some pictures on Internet, so  it’s not actually creating a pictures by imagining, rather I use examples and then I’d try to imitate it.

Come To This Point

I literally am not a painter or illustrator, neither. But, I just came to realize this year, that I apparently love to draw. The feeling when I’m in process of sketching or coloring is so relaxing, and when it finished, I can see the result and feel good about myself, the most satisfying thing to  do I guess.

It’s like I’ve been losing my interest on such thing because, let say, I am lost.
And then, this year (18th years old era) everything changed. My perspective, my beliefs, and the way I’m thinking are changed. I began to love myself, getting to know myself deeper. And by that, I discovered some part of  myself - I’ve never thought were exist, as I wrote this, and accepting the way I am, put more values on myself that I never done before.

Come to this point, I realized that nobody would love me better than myself. If I’m not maintaining the good habits or hobbies that I love, then who will do that for me?

Since childhood, I used to draw and coloring (I think every child does), my friends even said that my pictures were pretty nice. But then, as I grew up, the society- the system made me abandoned this hobby.

People would say “Ngapain menggambar? Mau jadi pelukis? Yaelah kagak bisa hidup entar”

I lived with that paradigm, been confused with this whole situation. What would I do in the future? What kind of job I really want?
But now ignore all the old paradigms, all the other people say, I just eliminated them.

Back to the purpose, sometimes I’d spend my day, eat, drink, study, go back to my bedroom, sleep, and do it again the next day. And I mostly would miss lot of things that I should have noticed.
Every little things in my life.

I thought that we also have this problems, many people do. We’re distracted by works, responsibilities, other people, and we forget to treat ourselves nicely. When was the last time you do your hobby?
We also nowadays can’t focus on something, we multitask, we open more tabs than we ever needed, all of those things that turned us stress-fully! We lost in thoughts, we feel anxious about ourselves because we can’t do something valuable.

And what did I miss? I missed to be in the present moment.

Okay, besides reading, when we immerse ourselves in arts, let’s say drawing, we put all of our intentions to the sketch that we’re making, or the color that we’re blending. It’s all the act of be in the present. We become more conscious, we don’t think about the future, nor the past. It’d lead to the conscious state of mind, the real and ease moment, nothing to do with anxiety!

Therefore, by doing something that I like/love, I can improve myself. I can touch my sense of creativity, and so on so forth. There are a lot of benefits I can tell ya.

Practice makes perfect

As I said before, I just started again to draw, after several years. Though I know that  I can make it, I still  learning to make a better circle, or better line, and other things indulge in drawing session.

My drawing isn’t that great, I thought that other people make a masterpiece from Arts, and I’m not the one. Though I’m so excited to learn to draw again, I’ve never been in course, or drawing clubs, but internet has helped me a lot. So I begin to learn from the basic, I watch videos, and read some tutorials. Things like How to make a line, how to make circles, how to shade, how to blend colors, how to make the highlight etc.
It’s like teaching myself, like being in class all by yourself.

I wanna show ya the truth about practicing.

1. first day

2. two days later. Anyway, I’m obsessed with eyes-drawing, it’s cool!

Look, that’s a bit difference, right? I drew the second pict. 2 days later after the first one.

Below are another pictures I made as I keep enjoying this project, it’s really fun. Some of these pictures I had shared on Instagram, and some of my friend said how did I make it?
They’re also interesting with drawing, even someone said If I could teach her. 

looks doesn't matter babe :)

I called myself as an artist, it’s not because someone had said that to me, or labeled me. I just love it to call myself as it is. I’m an artist! So, my subconscious mind starts to think and acts like an artist.

This is not because I’m talented in arts or I’m gifted (I’m not), this is just the matter of practicing.
When I set the goals about drawing, I’m trying to be discipline myself. At least I draw an object or random stuff 3 times a week, though it’s not very helpful if you want to be a great artist.


This year will be ending soon, and I feel so proud of myself as I just pushing myself more often out of my comfort zone.
I love it, I made some arts, and It’s enjoyable.

Do you have something to say after reading this?  Do you have some arts project lately?
Please leave your comments below, and until next time, live consciously.