Monday, 18 July 2016

Who you want to be?

Who you want to be?

I want to be a writer, journalist, news anchor, blogger, artist, traveler.
As you can see, those list are sorted by priorities. I think writer (beside musician) has to be an intelligent human, they could write everything out of their head, and that's make me admire all of the writers.
Now, i'm still practicing to write, I write everyday, even nonsense things, but as I've read that one of the way to become a writer is just by practicing write, because when you write, you're becoming writer, and it could improve your writing skill as well. I write everyday.
I also want to be a journalist or reporter. Doesn't it cool when someone with uniform and mic presenting news in television? I always admire those who work in media. I think they're very interesting and smart people.

Everyday they must be facing a lots of news, events, reading material, interviews, and that should make them smarter, right?. Maybe i could begin with problems around my living area, i mean like in my villages, cause there must be something wrong everyday. With journaling, i can share news, idea, tips, and many more, that really give some satisfactory of people's curiosity.
I am in college now, and the idea of getting in some clubs or societies is cool!
I might join in debating clubs or writer clubs (this one, i'm not sure really exist in manado) or maybe being as a freelancer on local media company?
Sounds interesting for me.
So, the point is I really want to use wisely my time here as a human, cause I won't live for thousand years, but by creating some arts or producing my own works that really matter to the world, my life will be worth it and meaningful, right?
We all can do this,
Just begin by write down every dreams and goals you want to achieve in life, and try to pursue it, challenge yourself, so Do I.

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