Sunday, 22 May 2016

Keep Dreaming

Fall down,
once or two times or maybe hundred times..
like you don’t deserve it..
motivation begins to fade..
but I know there still a light outside the woods..
I set my head up,
I burn it again in my bones..
Till anyone else around me feels it..

Dreams are what keep me awake..
I  fell in the dark, now I’ve learned how to get myself up..
I’m not defined by the past..
The present moment defines me..
I don’t deserve to be stuck around here..
I can fly on any of edges of the world..
Gonna hit straight up to the stormy clouds,
Until sunshine crush on my body..

People assume you can’t..
People have their own mindset..
But you don’t have to be attached by it..
Let them talk, you keep moving on
Lets see how far they could make a shit..
Maybe in silence they cant see, but deep in your soul screaming out loud your goals going to be happened..
Deep inside here, I’m burning..
Dreams & Goals, my designed world, is going to happen!

 Keep Dreaming!

 Credits to myself, Bima Satria

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