Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Hamburg, City where I meant to be

with 2.300 bridges, i could stay for the rest of mylife here..
wondering how perfect those days would be when sitting around there, on the bank of the river.. I'd choose the park bench-the perfect one, with nobody but me..

i dont know why, but i just fell in love with this city-althought i haven't been there yet, and furthermore I've made this city as mydestiny.

 you can be the one who celebrates this festival -the biggest in its region, its called Hamburger Dom. held three times a year, featuring countless carousels, roller coasters, beer tents and candyfloss stands. The giant ferris wheel and fireworks display are the main attractions..

so, I'm going to there as soon as possible, yet I dont know when- but forsure I will..
actually, I have a plan to take my master's degree at Universitat Hamburg...
let's enjoy the process.

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